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Better World

Since our founding in 2001, Open Roads has dedicated itself to increasing equity and access to nature and wilderness for young people across the country, while instilling a culture of empathy. We’ve done this not only because of the transformative power of time in nature, but also for its ability to empower young adults in their own personal journeys towards college readiness, career development, and positive life outcomes. Open Roads aims to provide top-tier personal growth and educational experiences for all of us, with a steadfast commitment on those in low-income communities that have been historically excluded from these uniquely enriching opportunities. 


We firmly believe that immersing oneself in nature while listening to the stories of others, coupled with fostering creativity and engaging in personal narrative reflection, can be transformative. Open Roads serves as a catalyst for profound life experiences, expanding our comfort zones and broadening belief systems about what is achievable. This, in turn, leads to positive life outcomes at all levels, creating enduring systemic change and a more empathic culture.

Our focus is on cultivating the potential of high-character young adults who exhibit leadership qualities, with a targeted approach to achieving three pivotal outcomes:


1. Amplifying Self-Efficacy: Through our programs, we strive to enhance college readiness and career readiness, instilling a robust sense of self-efficacy in our participants so they can be culture creators at home.


2. Maximizing Mental Health Benefits: We aim to expand the reach of mental health benefits derived from immersing oneself in nature, fostering holistic well-being.

3. Cultivating Community Leaders: Open Roads is dedicated to nurturing leaders who, upon returning to their communities, integrate the significance of time in nature and curiosity about others into their core values. This initiative seeks to build a network of individuals committed to caring for and safeguarding our natural world.

By channeling the skills developed through our programs, Open Roads propels young adults toward a future marked by college and career success, mental well-being, and a profound commitment to environmental stewardship.

To further deepen our work and encourage others to learn from our model, we are always seeking partnerships for independent research and evaluation. In 2023, we were chosen by doctoral students at Manhattenville College to participate in a study of our innovative Changemakers Program for Latina young women. You can read the results of that report HERE.


  • $50,000 supports a full 6-month program for cohort of students from any school or organization.

  • $25,000 creates the full matching grant to work with a contributing partner school or organization.

  • $5,000 sponsors a full student experience, from spring seminars to a summer adventure, to fall events and follow up and community-building.

  • $3,000 sponsors a week-long summer trip

  • $500 - $2,000 helps to sponsor a student's participation

  • Please contact us to learn more about how we can create a partnership that can include recognition in our annual magazine and access to photos and videos created by our students 

  • In the big dream category, please contact us if you are interested in helping us create a permanent physical home (an endowed camp!) for our community 


1. Donate Online

2. Checks can be mailed to:

Open Roads Academy

1223 Wilshire Blvd., #351

Santa Monica, California 90403

EIN# 74 - 3022678

Open Roads Academy, Inc.

is a registered 501(c)3.

All donations are fully tax-deductible.


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