"Sundance Meets Outward Bound"

At OPEN ROADS ACADEMY, we like to think of ourselves as
"Sundance meets Outward Bound."


Open Roads taps into the personal growth that comes from time in nature, and combines it with an introduction to the documentary arts of photography, film, and writing to help us learn from the stories of others and become active authors of our own life stories.


We are inspired by a firm belief that first-hand experiences and stories are the best teachers the world has to offer. We have witnessed again and again that simply stepping outside of our hectic lives to explore the natural world while listening to the stories of others can be transformative, for all of us.

We focus on providing programs and ongoing coaching based on this philosophy to a diverse range of high school students who are about to make the transition to college and to a thriving adulthood.

Simply put, we aim to create adventures and stories that make the world a better place.