Academy of Documentary Arts & The Environment

"Sundance Meets Outward Bound"

At OPEN ROADS ACADEMY we like to think of ourselves as
"Sundance meets Outward Bound."

We draw our inspiration from a deep tradition of writers, photographers, and filmmakers who ventured out to study the world, to meet new people, to listen to their stories, and to take those stories to heart. And then, to record what they saw and experienced and  return home with tales to tell. They brought us stories that helped us make our world a better place.

The result is that what those travelers and documentary storytellers gave us revealed our common humanity and taught us more about where we come from, who we are, and where we are going. We are not committed to providing individuals and groups with the opportunity to experience the growth that comes naturally from travel with the inspiration that comes from an immersion in the documentary arts of photography, film, and writing. 


Featured Projects

Open Roads offers educational programs that combine an introduction to the documentary arts of filmmaking, photography, and writing with an environmental focus for students and adults of all ages to discover their creative agency for the good of us all.

Our programs range from collaborative filmmaking projects that can be delivered at a distance, to weekend retreats and longer summer travel programs for high school and college students.
To extend the reach of our mission we assist in the production of documentary films that aim to have measurable impact in the areas of Equity in Education and the Environment.
We do not provide grants or direct funding, but instead work with professional filmmakers as well as our program participants  to develop project focus and gain access to the people, resources, and distribution outlets that will help them realize their film's intended impact.
Sometimes the hardest story to tell is your own. Our experienced community of filmmakers, photographers, writers and strategic consultants can help you get to the heart of your organization, company, or personal story. 

Whether through  the production of a short film about your company or organization or by providing strategic consulting services, we are here to share our expertise and help you  realize your mission to make the world a better place.


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