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River Passage

This August, Open Roads is curating a six-day adventure that will feature a four-day river rafting trip through the majestic Gates of Lodore Canyon, on the Green River in Utah. The trip will bring together a small group of inspired young men who are at various stages of the journey between high school and college.


The intention is to use the power of group travel into one of our country’s most awe-inspiring wilderness areas, as a time to reflect on the life each of us wants to create and the values that drive us.

Women's River Writers

In July of 2022, Open Roads is curating a six-day river rafting adventure for high school women that is focused on demystifying the college essay writing process, while also giving them access to college-age mentors who have been exactly where they are. In addition to the growth that comes from group travel in nature, we hope participants will leave with a grounded sense of the stories they want to tell in the college essays and increased confidence in their ability to navigate the transition to college

Download the One Page Overview Here

Documentary Flow

In June of 2022, Open Roads is curating an eight-day river rafting and documentary storytelling adventure for a diverse group of high school students who are on the road to college, along with a select few college-age mentors and leaders. The trip, “Documentary Flow,” is focused on using this time in nature to reflect on our values and life goals, and gain a deeper sense of confidence in our ability to create the life outcomes we desire (often referred to as our self-efficacy)


The 2021 adventure was offered in tribute to the beautiful life and soul of Saoirse Hill Kennedy. Her love of laughter, of adventure in nature, and  her belief  that we must nurture our empathy for others and take action to help those around us who might be hurting, will be the guiding lights on our journeys ahead.  


​“One event had the power to change the way I saw and did things, the power to help me speak my mind and make positive changes. I didn’t go through this by myself; there was someone, a group of people, there to lend a hand, a group of people who made it possible.” 

- Myriah Ogas, Graduate