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In the summer of 2021, we hosted our first multi-generational adventure that brought together a wonderfully diverse combination of high school students, college students, parents, and a dynamic team of creative filmmakers on a week-long river rafting trip down the storied Colorado river. We used this adventure to explore and discover how we can improve how we approach the transition from high school to college in a way that ensures ALL students make a positive transition into their adult lives.


Summer Expedition

More trips and adventures for 2022 coming soon! Stay tuned.


The 2021 adventure was offered in tribute to the beautiful life and soul of Saoirse Hill Kennedy. Her love of laughter, of adventure in nature, and  her belief  that we must nurture our empathy for others and take action to help those around us who might be hurting, will be the guiding lights on our journeys ahead.  


​“One event had the power to change the way I saw and did things, the power to help me speak my mind and make positive changes. I didn’t go through this by myself; there was someone, a group of people, there to lend a hand, a group of people who made it possible.” 

- Myriah Ogas, Graduate