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Flinn Dallis


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Flinn Dallis works with executives and senior teams to leverage their strengths and grow their skills to lead high-performing organizations.

She is a recognized leader in developing creative talent, building organizational structures in which talent can thrive and preparing corporate leaders for work in complex and demanding industries.

Flinn is co-founder of New Work, LLC, a consulting partnership that focuses on emotionally intelligent leadership competencies, which she launched after a 30-year career in the advertising industry. At New Work, she has helped executives and high-potentials at Fortune 500 companies transition into new jobs and navigate corporate culture change.

She began her career as a recruiter for an independent executive search firm. After seven years, Flinn joined Leo Burnett Co., one of the world’s largest advertising agencies, travelling to the firm’s offices around the globe with the CEO and other top executives to create a global culture and reinforce creative standards.

As head of Creative Recruitment, Training and Development at Burnett, Flinn developed one of the top training programs in the country for entry-level creative talent and coached and mentored them throughout their careers.

After 14 years at Burnett, Flinn retired early, only to be asked a few months later by the CEO and Chairman of the Board to return as Director of Creative Operations, where she was responsible for the department’s multi-million dollar operating budget.

Flinn has served on the boards of the top five advanced-degree advertising programs in the United States, including The School of Communication, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and The School of Communication, University of Texas, Austin.

Trained in both coaching and leadership development by Coaches Training Institute, Flinn is an expert in experiential-based learning. As a serious student of her field, she continually seeks new insights into effective coaching and development methods, including participating for more than two years in Council Guide training in the Native American wisdom tradition.

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