Trevor Brodie Hall


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Journey is the Destination


Disney FreeForm’sOpen Roads Short Series

Handing One Another Along


Trevor is an educator and writer whose work is rooted in a Masters of Education from Harvard University where he was subsequently awarded a three-year fellowship to serve as a Teaching Fellow for Dr. Robert Coles, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author, and professor. Trevor was a recipient of the Derek Bok Award for Excellence in Teaching in each of those three years. In 2010, he and Vicki Kennedy co-edited a collection of Dr. Coles’ lectures into the book titled, Handing One Another Along, published by Random House. While teaching with Dr. Coles, Trevor also served as an editor for DoubleTake Magazine, a quarterly publication dedicated to showcasing documentary photography and literary essays.  DoubleTake was a recipient of the National Magazine Award for General Excellence.

In 2001, inspired by the teaching of Dr. Coles, Trevor founded Open Roads to provide educational travel programs for a diverse range of high school students. These programs pioneered a combination of travel and an immersion in the documentary arts of film, photography, and writing in order to help students develop their own sense of creative agency and become authors of their own life story, regardless of their financial reality. Over the years, Open Roads expanded to offer its unique brand of teaching and learning in new ways, including offering creative workshops and retreats for companies and nonprofits, production support for documentary films, and eventually to provide extended strategic management consulting for organizations seeking to scale their impact.

As part of the management consulting work, Trevor spent four years as the President and CEO of Creative Visions Foundation, where he helped its founders grow the organization into a global presence in the use of media and arts for social change. In his time in this position, they more than doubled the annual fundraising totals, launched an online curriculum (Rock Your World) that is used with than 25,000 students, provided production and distribution support to 150+ documentary filmmakers, and helped to produce the long-awaited narrative feature film, Journey is the Destination, about the
the inspirational story of the founder’s son, photojournalist Dan Eldon, which is available on Netflix.

In 2016, Trevor founded an impact entertainment company to extend the reach of Open Roads and use the power of film to make the world a better place. He produced dozens of short films to help foundations expand the impact of their grants; directed and sold a youth-focused documentary short film series to Disney’s Freeform channel; produced an hour-long special about the importance of quality early childhood education for the Saul Zaentz Foundation; and produced the award-winning feature-length documentary film, Soufra (along with publishing a companion cookbook) that tells the story of an all-women led food truck business launched from inside a refugee camp. Soufra
was featured at Berlinale, DOCNYC, and dozens of other festivals and community screenings before eventually being sold to Hulu and to numerous international territories.

Today Trevor continues to develop educational programs and provide strategic consulting services for organizations and companies with a clear vision for a better world.