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Our world is profoundly shaped by the generosity and focused giving of individuals and small family foundations, but too often the stories of their impact  are not told and shared in a way that would inspire replication or expansion of their work . As a result neither the foundation nor the grantees reach their full potential. We are here to tell those stories.

The Open Roads community of documentary filmmakers, designers and storytellers are naturally drawn toward capturing and sharing stories that change the world. The intention of our Foundation Consulting division is to create short films with two primary outcomes:

  1. Our films will tell the story of your Foundation through the work of your Grantees, documenting your impact in a compelling and lasting form.

  2. To produce short films that your Grantees can use to get their message out wide and far in order to generate higher levels of financial support and ignite more people to join their community.

​To see some of our recent work with the Virginia B. Toulmin Foundation, visit:


1223 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 351
Santa Monica, CA 90403

(312) 320-5909

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